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Unlearn Racism (Black)

Unlearn Racism (Black)

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Presenting the "Unlearn Racism" black comfort colors garment dye t-shirt - a provocative and daring statement piece designed to confront society's most insidious issue. Made from high-quality, ultra-soft comfort colors fabric, this unsettling t-shirt bears the provocative message, "the battle in your head could win a war," urging wearers to confront their own biases and unlearn the toxic attitudes that perpetuate racism.

Our "Unlearn Racism" t-shirt is a stark reminder of the ugly truth - that racism is deeply ingrained in our society, and we must actively combat it. The dark black color and abrasive typography create a harsh, uncompromising look that demands attention and refuses to be ignored.

Demonstrate your refusal to turn a blind eye to racial injustice by donning this unsettling tee. With every purchase, you're sending a powerful message that the status quo is unacceptable and change is needed. Take a stand against complacency and wear your opposition to racism on your sleeve.

This product ships separately from others, and includes a few complimentary Oinky stickers.

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